B.O.M. - Episode 0019 - Glue All Over

Bums of Manarchy

Apr 24 2021 • 1 hr 13 mins

The Bums are back with Episode 0019 after a short, spring hiatus.    Rocky reviews his trip to Palm Springs, CA with Camp Lucy and related swim wear choices, before diving into Part 1, a sports mish-mash starting with the retirement of NFL’s Julian Edelman and Alex Smith, Brett Reid catches a felony DUI charges (de facto Scumbag of the Week), shout-out to first male, Hideki Matsuyama, to win a PGA Major, Country Joe West wins his defamation suit, Cubs and White Sox updates, the Blackhawks skating on thin ice, Euro soccer folds like a cheap suit, Paddy hosts another edition of I did not know that (Chicago Bears and the NFL Draft).

In Part 2, Rocky gets twisted over a household caulking project results in, well, glue all over, Cub’s kooky closer, Craig Kimbrell, makes an impression on Eddie’s Mom, the Bums ponder recent societal issues dogging the U.S. (Dante West shooting protests, Derek Chauvin guilty verdict, Adam Toldeo killing, and Kyle “Privileged White” Rittenhouse), and wrap up with beer review of Old Irving Brewing’s new Double Dry Hop (DDH) IPA, Eephus.

Recorded on 4/22/2021 at B.U.M.’s global HQ in Chicago.