B.O.M. - Episode 0015 - UnBearable

Bums of Manarchy

Mar 19 2021 • 1 hr 10 mins

Welcome to Episode 15!   The Bums latest episode starts with a toast (shocker) to the late and “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler, inside of pugilism’s golden era of middle-weights, before things get serious on the Eve of March Madness.  NFL football blabber begins as Drew Bress prepares to carve his initials and jersey number into the HOF legacy tree, followed by an NFL free agency update, which begins with a uproarious whimper as Mitch Tribinsky (sic) brings his act to Bills Nation, Ryan Fitzy rides the trail of tears to Washington, and the Bears announce another blockbuster acquisition with the signing of fucking Andy “0-and-5-in-the-playoffs” Dalton — if you tune-in carefully, you can actually hear Rocky’s head explode while discussing the state of the rapidly eroding Chicago Bears franchise.

Part two starts with a shamrock-o’-rific extravaganza as the Bums drink-in another St. Irish Boozing Day, with Paddy revealing Irish/Ireland facts that will surprise even the O’Rourkes, O’Malleys and McGees of the world.  Racist xenophobes are ground to ashes by the Bums, on the tail of yet another violent attack on our Asian community, before things get a little more lighthearted as chatter turns to the musical sensation known as the GoGos (recently covered by a solid SHOWTIME documentary), followed by a fun jib-jab on 1970’s TV series.

Episode 0015 was recorded on March 18, 2021 at BOM Global HQ in Chicago, IL USA.