Just Us: Time to evict mass ownership

The Forgotten Corner

May 12 2020 • 32 mins

Drew Barnes is Alberta’s MLA for Cypress-Medicine Hat. He is also the owner of First Choice Property Management, which owns several rental properties in Medicine Hat and around the province.
A recent story by Press Progress featured a tenant of Barnes named Dustin, who was facing the threat of eviction mere days after a COVID-related ban on evictions had concluded. The story ends positive for Dustin, as the eviction threat was pulled back and the company suggested it would work with its tenant on a rental plan that worked for Dustin.

On our first episode of The Forgotten Corner: Just Us, we take a look at the broader concept of mass property ownership and the problems we have with someone earning large profits off people’s need to have a roof over their head. Join us for a half-hour chat and ask yourself one question: Shouldn’t housing be an essential right shared by all?

Read the Press Progress story here.

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