12-07-2022 How Milestones Helps Mortgage Providers In Non-Transactional Times With Dustin Gray And Ashley Terrell

Lykken on Lending

Dec 7 2022 • 44 mins

In these non-transactional times, people just up and leave others as soon as they get what they want. They forget that, at the end of the day, the real estate business is a people business. You need to build relationships to grow, and you can't do that with just a single transaction. David Lykken's guests today are from a company that is all about empowering lenders and realtors to build those deeper relationships with clients. He sits down with Dustin Gray and Ashley Terrell from Milestones to talk about what the company does to help mortgage providers in this current market. They dive deep into the value of relationships, especially with the forecast of how the mortgage industry will be in the coming year. If you are a homeowner looking for an app that can help you navigate the markets and keep your relationships, then you better tune in to this great conversation! Don't miss out!