01-16-2023 Weekly Mortgage Updates with Adam DeSanctis, Les Parker, Matt Graham, David Kittle, Alice Alvey, Allen Pollack, Marc Helm, and David Lykken

Lykken on Lending

Jan 16 2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

The Lykken on Lending program will feature our Weekly Mortgage Updates with Adam DeSanctis and his MBA Mortgage Minute, and then Les Parker’s TMSpotlight, a macroeconomic perspective on the economy with a music parody. That leads to Matt Graham of MBS Live providing you a rate & market update, followed by David Kittle, Chief Executive Officer @ Cypress Mortgage Capital, to discuss mortgage originations. Then we have Alice Alvey of Union Home providing a regulatory & legislative update, then Allen Pollack giving us a Tech Report on the latest technology impacting our industry. Finally, we wrap up the first half of the program withMarc Helm, Senior Executive Partner @ Transformational Mortgage Solutions, talking about Loan Servicing and the “Agencies”.