57) Masculinity and Purpose as a Man with Neil Smedley

CamBro Conversations

Feb 28 2021 • 1 hr 13 mins

Today's conversation is with Neil Smedley, Owner of King Koby Barbers and Thought Leader on Men's Mental Health.

Neil shares his background growing up as a Mormon in working class Scarborough, the impact of his religion and the uncomfortable truth that he was not living as the man he could be.

This is a thought provoking discussion on masculinity, being a coward, dealing with poor mental health, and having purpose as a man.

Neil is an articulate, candid speaker and puts forward a number of challenging theories and ideas for us to consider as modern men.

Finally, we share sources that we can read and explore in this area as this conversation will provoke a lot of questions and consideration after listening.

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