Is Your Enclosure and Setup Killing Your Juvenile Arboreal Tarantula?

Tom's Big Spiders - Tarantulas and Inverts

Oct 22 2023 • 56 mins

First, I read a listener question and talk about last week's episode. Then, I get a lot of emails and comments from panicked keepers who are alarmed to discover that their arboreal slings and juveniles are actually burrowing.  The fact is, MANY arboreal species will do some burrowing as slings and juveniles, and the correct setup should allow for and encourage this behavior. Unfortunately, many folks don't do enough research, and some of the "sling" and "juvenile" tarantula enclosures being sold do not permit for an appropriate setup. In this episode, we discuss how to keep these species correctly, why it's important to have the correct setup, and why this issue has become so prevalent.