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Marine wildlife through the lens with Doug Anderson
Jul 25 2023
Marine wildlife through the lens with Doug Anderson
In this episode we join Marine Awareness Officer, Julie Hatcher and award-winning videographer Doug Anderson as they chat about his remarkable career as one of the world’s top underwater cameramen. Doug shares some of the highs and lows of his fascinating career which spans more than 20 years as well as sharing his views on the damage he has witnessed to our seabeds and marine wildlife. You can read more about Doug’s extensive portfolio of work and awards here: https://www.doug-anderson.com/    Dorset Wildlife Trust have launched an urgent appeal for you to support   If we don’t act now, there could be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050.  Can you imagine a sea so full of plastic that every fish and every seabird has plastic in its stomach? A world where there is more plastic in the sea than fish?   If we don't act now, this could become reality for Dorset's coast and marine wildlife.   Donate to our urgent appeal and you will be supporting work to stop plastic destroying our seas and the wonderful wildlife living there. Your donation could provide equipment to help remove deadly litter from our coast, or fund essential camera equipment to monitor the effects of pollution on seals and more wildlife.   Your donation will help our seas survive, and our marine wildlife thrive.     SAVE OUR WILD SEAS  Click here to make your donation:  https://www.dorsetwildlifetrust.org.uk/appeals/save-our-wild-seas    THANK YOU!    With Thanks to Julie Hatcher, Doug Anderson and Hazel Ormrod  Producer: Dani Wilson    Become a member and protect wild spaces in Dorset  https://www.dorsetwildlifetrust.org.uk/become-member    STAY CONNECTED  Join our mailing list  https://www.dorsetwildlifetrust.org.uk/emailsignup    FIND US   Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dorsetwildlife/    Twitter https://twitter.com/DorsetWildlife    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dorsetwildlife/    Watch our videos on YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/user/DorsetWildlifeTrust