Locations on Two

Dodd Vickers

There are many unsung heroes on the set of your favorite movies and television shows. One of these is the Location Manager. "Locations on Two" is a podcast featuring lively banter and stories from the trenches of production with the people behind some of your favorite movies and television shows. Join us where the real work gets done on set, "Locations on Two."

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Dec 29 2021
1 hr 6 mins
LAURI PITKUS LO2GEOFF SMITHER LO2Harriet Lawrence v2Harriet Lawrence-LO2KYLE HINSHAW - LO2Becky BrakeTodd Christensen - LO2DODD VICKERS - Location Scout/Location ManagerMarkus BenschMolly Allen ~ LO2Maida Morgan ~ LO2Veronique Vowell ~ LO2MIKE RILEY ~ LO2TAYLOR & AMPAH (PART 2) ~LO2KOKAYI AMPAH & ALISON TAYLOR ~ LO2Lori Balton ~ LO2John Rakich ~ LO2EMMA PILL ~ LO2MANDI DILLIN ~ LO2JOHN PANZARELLA ~ LO2