23: Coaching Session In Pursuit of Freedom

Try Life On

Sep 8 2023 • 42 mins

Today's episode is a little different - Maurice shares a portion of a coaching session with one of his students. During this episode, we'll be sharing a deeply personal and emotional journey. Our guest has already read his perfect day, and it's a moving experience. While we won't share the entire reading, we'll start towards the end, giving you a glimpse into this powerful process. This is the start of the lifestyle design process to build a life you do not need a vacation from:

1. Drafting your perfect day
2. Creating your Five Freedom Goals
3. Identifying blockers to the goals
4. Creating action items to overcome those blockers so you can achieve the five freedoms.
Maurice also talks the student through how to overcome blockers, rewiring his thought process, his ability to Try Life On, and 3 of his 5 freedom goals: time, financial, geographic