The CROC Podcast

Dr. Thomas Eanelli

The CROC Podcast is a weekly program hosted by Dr. Thomas Eanelli whose sole purpose is to support cancer survivors and their families who strive to “turn tragedy into triumph.”

I want you to forget everything about your cancer.
I want you to start with a blank slate.

CROC is a not so much a thing but rather a movement for survivors to gather, to learn, to be nourished and to connect and for a brief moment, forget about the future and focus on the now!

In 1999, I tried an experiment based on my observation of the interactions between my patients. I took a leap a faith and started something who’s power to soothe, who’s potential to cure, and who’s capacity to find light in darkness, joy in sorrow, laughter in fear was completely unexpected.

Together we turned tragedy into triumph.

And now I’d like to share with you the stories that have inspired me over the past two decades.

Welcome to the CROC Podcast… A Podcast for Cancer Survivors by Cancer Survivors.

I look forward to our Journey….

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