Ep35: Spirituality in the Cancer Trajectory Part 2

The CROC Podcast

Oct 24 2021 • 32 mins

module: Spirituality

episode: Spirituality in the Cancer Trajectory Part 2

Join Dr. E and Angel continue their quest to find all the answers to all the tough questions our beloved survivors need to make their cancer journey make sense and purpose.

Join Angel and Dr. E as they finally take the leap of faith and begin the module that looks at the role of Spirituality in the cancer journey.
Today's honored guest is no other than cohost Angel Santana-one of the most spiritual people on earth!!!!

CROC gratitude shout outs

Angel Santana - https://www.spreaker.com/show/have-faith-let-it-begin-introduction
Rod Freeman - https://www.SmallBizUp.com

Charlotte Larsen - http://www.charlottelarsen.net/
Michael Benzaia - https://www.michaeljohnbenzaia.com/