#82 - Optometric Physician and Carnivore Dr. Lisa Wiedeman

Pederson's Farms - Powered by Protein a deep dive into Where your Food come From!

Sep 6 2023 • 24 mins

Dr. Lisa Wiedeman, optometric physician and a carnivore, joins the show to explore whether a carnivore diet is sustainable.


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[00:56] Is carnivore sustainable?

[3:32] ‘It's not a diet. We're eating to live.’

[4:25] ‘Don't eat anything that comes in a box, a bag, a bottle, or a jar.’

[6:33] A daughter who knows she's doing her body good.

[8:05] Don't you get sick of meat?

[9:07] No need to be monitored by the medical profession

[10:18] Crisco and processed food

[11:40] The slow suicide of dementia, Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, stroke.

[14:00] Lift, with all your body parts.

[17:34] Carnivore cooking videos