Help! I'm a Camera Nerd.

Anderson West & Mark Kuczewski

Welcome to Help! I’m a Camerd Nerd. - the ultimate podcast for film fanatics, technology enthusiasts, and unabashed geeks! Join us on a wild ride through the ever-evolving world of film technology, where imagination meets innovation and the lines between reality and the silver screen blur.

In each episode, your hosts, Help I’m a Nerd and Films by AW, don their virtual capes and dive deep into the exciting realm of film tech. But fear not, dear listeners, this podcast is not all technical jargon and complex equations. We infuse our discussions with a dash of humour, wit, and unabashed enthusiasm that only true nerds can muster.

So, whether you're an aspiring filmmaker, a gadget-loving geek, or simply a fan of jaw-dropping movie magic, Help! I’m a Camerd Nerd is your ticket to a front-row seat in the fantastical realm where films and technology collide.

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