Melania Trump: Whitehouse Hostage Or Private Manipulator?

The Quicky

Sep 7 2020 • 14 mins

Melania Trump is one of the great mysteries of the Trump Presidency.  From the get go, she looked as though she wasn't all that happy to be there - and in the intervening years the internet became filled with what it thought were her silent pleas to be 'rescued'.  Yet, of late, she's come out swinging online on behalf of her husband.  So, who is Melania Trump? And is there much truth to a new book about her, by her so-called best friend? The Quicky investigates.  Subscribe to The Quicky at... https://mamamia.com.au/the-quicky/ CREDITS  Host/Producer: Claire Murphy  Executive Producer: Melanie Tait Audio Producer: Jacob Round  Guests:  Matthew Bevan, Reporter,  America, If You're Listening  CONTACT US Got a topic you'd like us to cover? Send us an email at thequicky@mamamia.com.au Looking for other podcasts to listen to?  You'll find all our Mamamia shows at https://mamamia.com.au/podcasts/ Support the show: https://www.mamamia.com.au/mplus/ See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.