S8: SME: SOS with Fearne Cotton, founder of Happy Place and James Manning, International Editor of Time Out London

Conversations of Inspiration

Jul 23 2020 • 42 mins

Fearne Cotton joins Holly this week alongside James Manning, the International Editor of Time Out London, as the share in this episode - both brands faced the imperative need to move fast and react to the consumer need, by taking their offerings online.

Although covering a multitude of different topics in this podcast from Fearne’s experience of being a working mum during lockdown to how to support our young as they navigate the societal pressures of social media.

But what underpins both these conversations, is the vital element of a strong brand, trusted and loved by its consumers, that has allowed them to branch out their businesses during this time.

SME: SOS is a topical podcast to support small businesses through this turbulent time. Offering advice from experts and founders, this episode is designed to empower and support you through practical tips, advice and real life experiences.

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