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Societal Racism and Self-Compassion with Janine Lyman
Apr 22 2024
Societal Racism and Self-Compassion with Janine Lyman
After moving to the U.S. from growing up in apartheid South Africa, Janine was deeply disturbed to notice implicit racial bias arise inside herself while teaching a college math course. Host John Kinyon guides Janine through the Mediate Your Life map for self-compassion—the Chooser-Evaluator process—to help Janine find empathy and healing for herself and discover a new integration, wholeness, and insight moving forward.   Timestamps:   [0:00:00] Intro [00:04:05] A risky personal story [00:05:00] Challenging assumptions about racism [00:10:11] Racial awareness and transitions [00:13:36] The Chooser-Evaluator framework [00:19:19] Betrayal of Presented Worldview [00:24:15] Inherent value of everybody. [00:28:29] Justice and Empathy [00:35:07] Balancing social and cultural injustices [00:38:18] Naming the Internal Helper [00:43:57] Intersection of Guilt and Activism [00:49:11] Empathy between Justice and Helper [00:55:34] Challenging assumptions about others [01:04:08] The complexity of white privilege [01:09:45] Healing and justice for all [01:10:33] Genuine appreciation and connection Listen to the Mediate Your Life Podcast here: Website: Apple Podcasts:  Spotify:  YouTube:  iHeart:  Amazon:  Player.Fm: Learn more about the Mediate Your Life framework: Website:  Download the Mediate Your Life App:  Sign up for our Newsletter: Courses:  Trainings and Events:     Connect with John Kinyon here:   LinkedIn: Instagram: YouTube: