IS ZIONISM RACISM? An Interview with Human Rights Attorney, Monique Beadle

Keeping It Israel

Jan 17 2024 • 48 mins

In this episode of Keeping it Israel's series, "Battle for Truth" Jeff Futers talks to Monique Beadle, Director of US Policy & Advocacy, Jerusalem Institute of Justice. Together they address the questions, "Is Zionism Racism?" "Is Israel committing genocide in Gaza?" "Is Israel committing war crimes?" and "Where should Christians stand in Israel's war today?"

Monique Beadle is a human rights attorney with 19 years of experience in international affairs, asylum and refugee issues, and the rights of victims of human trafficking, torture, and sexual abuse. As a grandchild of Holocaust survivors from Germany, she has spent most of her career advocating for other people, in Thailand, Ukraine, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. She recently joined the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, where she has joined her own people in an existential struggle for survival.
JIJ is an Israeli human rights organization based in Jerusalem. For 20 years, JIJ has fought for the rights and well-being of vulnerable people in Israel and the Middle East.

Within Israel, JIJ provides free legal aid to survivors of human trafficking, Israeli civilians who have been internally displaced since October 7th, and new immigrants arriving from around the globe.

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