Ed Welch | Psychiatric Diagnosis & God's Word, 205

Grace Enough Podcast

Jan 24 2023 • 58 mins

Ed Welch and Amber discuss coming at those living with a psychiatric diagnosis from broader category of "in this world you will have trouble" and how instances of suffering in the Bible can be applied to mental health. They also discuss, the place medication holds in the life of the sufferer and how Jesus speaks into the pain. Questions Discussed During Psychiatric Diagnosis & God's Word: You have been counseling for over 40 years and on staff with CCEF for the same amount of time. What are some shifts you've witnessed in regards to how Christians talk about, interact, and treat psychiatric diagnoses or mental illnesses?  When it comes to talking about it from a pulpit, are there biblical examples that can be used to call it what it is, even though that's not necessarily the exact "words" that may be written in the word? In your newest book, I Have a Psychiatric diagnosis: What Does the Bible say?, You begin by bridging the divide between the psychological world and the spiritual world. Why do people often draw a line between the two? And how do you help people to bridge the divide? What do you mean by we are embodied souls? As someone who lives with depression I found your description of the physical body experiencing weakness, yet being able to be strengthened--in some cases with medication, incredibly helpful. So much so I read the chapter to my husband. Will you share that with our listeners to help remove some of the stigma around those who take medication, while also helping those who suffer not view medication as the CURE? When does anxiety move beyond "normal" to something more serious? How does trauma need to be treated a bit differently? You end addressing narcissism. How is narcissism different from the others and how do we even begin to interact with those living with narcissism in a life-giving way? Show Notes cont. Resources Mentioned: Book: I Have a Psychiatric Diagnosis: What Does the Bible Say by Ed Welch A Small Book for the Anxious Heart by Ed Welch Depression: Looking Up From the Stubborn Darkness by Ed Welch Other books by Ed Welch Related Episodes: 204: Caris Snider | Battling Anxiety 166: Lori Wildenberg | Helping Children with Anxiety, Depression, and Suicidal Ideation 171: Nicole Zasowski | Courage to Celebrate Come be a part of the Grace Enough Gang Follow Grace Enough: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube Become a Grace Enough supporter Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices