Episode 29 - Jessica Sliwerski

Inspiring Women Leaders

Jun 21 2023 • 1 hr

Driven by the unshakable commitment to ensuring every student in America is given the right to read on time, Jessica Sliwerski is the Founder of Ignite! Reading, a one-on-one, virtual tutoring program delivered in schools across the U.S.

To reimagine how students are taught to read in school, Jessica launched Ignite! Reading during her time as CEO of Open Up Resources, a national

nonprofit that increases equity in education by making high-quality curricula

openly accessible to schools and districts.

She began her career with Teach For America in NYC before becoming a founding teacher, then Assistant Principal at Success Academy Charter Schools. Bringing instructional best practices to district schools, she became a Literacy Specialist at The Urban Assembly, a nonprofit overseeing more than 10,000 students in secondary schools.

Jessica also co-founded and was Chief Academic Officer & Chief Product Officer of the adaptive literacy software company LightSail Education. Jessica’s work has been featured in the documentary films The Lottery and The Right to Read. She is a breast cancer survivor and author of the children’s book Cancer Hates Kisses (Penguin, 2017). Jessica loves yoga, traveling, and reading with her daughter.

In this episode, Jessica and I chat about:

  • Her leadership roles
  • Her leadership style
  • Her leadership journey
  • The leaders that helped her rise
  • The challenges she faced on her journey
  • How she navigated those challenges
  • How she thinks you can become a strong and kind leader
  • Her ‘take home’ leadership messages for the listeners, and
  • What she is currently excited to be working on.

Jessica’s website is https://ignite-reading.com and her Twitter handle is @MsReidReads – she can be contacted directly via either of these platforms.

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