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EP 63: Scott & Valorie Williams - Juggernaut Payment Processing & MHW Real Estate
Feb 6 2023
EP 63: Scott & Valorie Williams - Juggernaut Payment Processing & MHW Real Estate
Scott and Valorie Williams are the typical "power couple"  who are living life according to THREE calendars: Scott's, Valorie's and now their son's!Scott owns Juggernaut Payment Processing, a Conroe-based credit card processing service that helps merchants of all types and sizes lower their payment processing fees while offering state-of-art POS equipment and "local-call" service! While Scott is based in Conroe, he can help businesses across the USA lower their payment processing fees! If you think your business is paying too much in credit card fees (and you probably are!) you need to contact Scott!Scott WilliamsJuggernaut Payment Processing Scott via call or text at: 409-718-7133(Starts at 19:32) Valorie is a commercial Realtor with Conroe-based MHW Real Estate. From her early career as a contractor and home inspector to now as a commercial realtor, Valorie specializes in real estate investing in the multi-family and self-storage sectors. Valorie also conducts real estate seminars where she coaches other individuals who want to become real estate investors. Valorie understands the business tax advantages of owning real estate and can coach new businesses in the "lease vs buy" decision.Valorie WilliamsCommercial RealtorMHW Real EstateContact Valorie via call or text at: 281-506-4017Scott & Valorie Williams are brought to you by the Conroe Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.