IGP Crew Album Review: The Weeknd - Kiss Land

Infectious Groove Podcast

May 9 2022 • 50 mins

AND WE'RE BACK! Man, that seemed like the longest between-season break ever, but lucky for you, we're back and better than ever. This season (season 6 a.k.a season 3 or 4 if you ask Michelle) is going to be another killer ride. We're starting this one off strong with our critically acclaimed album review series that you've all mostly grown to love.

This time it's Kyle who went the extra mile and plugged us in with something that many of you might not have tuned into before hearing this. We all know of The Weeknd, I mean how could you not? He's been in the musical air supply for quite some time now, but what you hear now and where it all began are wildly different. The Weeknd was releasing music long before he had a major label record deal, and many of those projects are what put him on the map to begin with.
Considered to be his first major-label release, Kiss Land turned it up a notch when it came to production, writing, art direction, and the overall concept of a project. Working with new producers and refusing to allow himself to be boxed into a specific sound and style. He even chose an album title that he thought would initially throw his fans off when they learned about its upcoming release.
The Weeknd is no stranger when it comes to putting together a good concept album, and Kiss Land is no different. Meant to represent the trials and tribulations of life on the road, Kiss Land is full of sexual obsession, betrayal, addiction, and big-ticket trust issues and it's a weirdly exhilarating experience, that isn't for the faint of heart.

Initially met with generally positive reviews, Kiss Land would debut at number two on the US Billboard 200 with 95,000 copies sold in its first week, and would go on to be certified gold by 2019. That may seem underwhelming compared to the numbers that he currently does, but you have to remember that this is considered to be his "debut album", and reaching number 2 on the Billboard 200 with your first major-label offering is nothing short of impressive.

Okay enough of the small talk, Kyle is telling me to tell you all that I should just let the album speak for itself, so that's what I am going to do. It's season 6, episode 1 of Amber Heard's legal team's, personal assistant's dog walker's favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!!!

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