ENB #63: Richard Welch Candidate for Congress - The Energy Crisis requires solutions from boots-on-the-ground experience, rather than pie in the sky.

Energy News Beat Podcast

Jul 15 2022 • 35 mins

Today is no exception, I get the opportunity to visit with Richard Welch, Candidate for Congress, and we really had fun talking about what legislators need in order to make good laws. And yes, common sense is the answer, but sprinkle in some industry knowledge, and you will see energy prices drop.

Richard also was able to get his feelings out on the recent election and how it impacted him. There are a lot of things that we can fix in our political system and would start with treating everyone with respect.

Richard brings up in the podcast a great point, why would you want someone with an agenda that would harm the environment, economy, and consumers to drive a narrative rather than look at all options?

” The Department of Environmental Justice is run by a bunch of social justice warriors. But have they have no clue what goes on inside of these refineries or petrochemical plants or, you know, even these midstream pipeline companies.”

Richard, thank you for stopping by the ENB Podcast, and looking forward to your next visit.

Please connect with Richard Welch on his LinkedIn here: