ENB #41 - So how do you create the perfect ESG Bitcoin mining operation? Well, we talk to Mark Lancaster in an exclusive interview.

Energy News Beat Podcast

Mar 30 2022 • 34 mins

There are many people claiming that they know how to mine for Bitcoin using different techniques to gain the “ESG” status every investor wants. Well, Mark Lancaster, Vice President of Business Development, Broussard Energy, and I have an opportunity to talk about some different twists that are truly a one-stop-shop for an ESG Bitcoin mining operation.

If you want to mine Bitcoin call Mark, and if you want to mine Bitcoin with an ESG solution still call Mark.

What is the ROI on your Bitcoin mine is one of the factors you need to look at early, and Mark has the tools and knowledge to get you good ROI data.

One of the topics we discussed is taking flared, or stranded gas and running generators to generate electricity for the Bitcoin miners. Well, add in the next steps to trap the exhaust and use the water through steam, and use the electricity to filter the water, and create hydrogen. Then turn around and run the hydrogen to fuel generators. A very nice closed ecosystem with a revenue source of Bitcoin. This is an excellent representation of the types of ideas that will actually lead to carbon net-zero.

Please connect with Mark on LinkedIn here: Mark Lancaster

Thank you Mark for stopping by the ENB podcast, I had a blast and look forward to updates! I also loved your “Turning Black Gold Green” shirt and logo. That is a cool trademark to have.