ENB #40 Is there a way to double U.S. oil production and improve the ESG aspect to Fracking? Exclusive interview with a CEO to get critical data.

Energy News Beat Podcast

Mar 3 2022 • 29 mins

The world is facing the most important environmentally important crossroads in our history. Between the demand for oil and gas, the fracking's dirty reputation, and the dramatically increased demand for electricity, the Carbon Net-Zero path is off the rails and in the ditch.

We sit down with Jon Rogers, CEO, of Locus Bio-Energy to find out how it is possible to increase production and improve the ESG portion of filling the huge demand for energy.

Not only is Jon an industry thought leader, but Locus Bio-Energy also helps solve a critical problem the oil and gas producers have with ESG and ESG investors. "There is no ESG without accountability" as I always say, and they can prove the production performance and dramatic decreased impact on the environment.

With COP26 and the subsequent EU's adoption of natural gas as available for ESG funding and in the renewable category because of it's importance to the path to Carbon Net-Zero, the Locus Bio-Energy's solutions are more critical now than ever before.

Thank you Jon for stopping by, I had an absolute blast visiting with you! - Stu