ENB #35 - Sarge Summers On Why He is Running for TRRC

Energy News Beat Podcast

Feb 3 2022 • 23 mins

Alright, who else is confused by the term “Texas Railroad Commission”? In Texas, we do everything big and have lots of traditions and the name of the commission is just one of those traditions. The Texas Railroad Commission has the authority and governs the energy sector in Texas impacting everything along the way.

Talking with politicians is not my favorite thing to do, (personally I have lost respect for all politicians regardless of parties) and that is why I really enjoyed my podcast interview with Sarge Summers. We talked about his background, beliefs, and his desire to do what is right for the environment, all of the citizens of Texas, and the far-reaching policies of the commission.

Sarge, thanks for stopping by the ENB podcast and you are always welcome to give us updates! Enjoy the discussion on the ENB podcast.