Energy News Beat Podcast

Michael Tanner, Stuart Turley

Covering the Energy Markets around the world, one story at a time. Our guests are CEOs, Industry Thought Leaders and we have critical data points for investors, energy experts, and insights into the geopolitical forces impacting energy. We believe that all people in the world should have access to clean, reliable, and the lowest-cost energy at market capabilities. The only way to achieve this goal to get over 1.8 billion people out of poverty is to have a "Balanced Diet of Power". A balanced diet could include fossil, renewables, and nuclear in all types. Being good stewards of the earth also means producing the energy with the least impact on the environment.

EP# 52 ESG is not just a buzz word, but an important process,  and we talk with Ian Nieboer, Vice President at EnverusEP #51 We talk with Susan Combs the Chairman of the Board for the Carbon Neutral Coalition - We talk all things ESG, Carbon Capture and fun,ENB #50 We talk with Tucker about the importance of propane on the road to carbon neutral.What happens when the lights don't come on? We talk to Enverus about all things power and ERCOT.ENB Podcast  # 48 Mike Umbro California energy policies are hurting everyone, especially the environment.ENB #47 Mark LaCour, Public Speaker, Oil & Gas Expert and Podcaster,  stops by and we talk critical oil & gas issues and have more fun than should be allowed.ENB Podcast # 46 with David Blackmon, Principal at DBEnergy Advisors - Forbes contributing author.ENB Podcast #45 - We talk with Alma Cook, Singer, Song Writer and Compliance/Safety business owner!ENB Episode # 44 How do we eliminate the #1 methane emission problem on the road to Carbon Net-Zero?  Don't tell anyone - it includes low cost power for Bitcoin miningENB #41 - So how do you create the perfect ESG Bitcoin mining operation? Well, we talk to Mark Lancaster in an exclusive interview.
Mar 30 2022
34 mins
ENB #43 What do EVs, supply chain crisis, world defense systems, our national security all have in common? Well we talk with Ann Bridges to find out.We need ethics, trust and leadership at the Texas Railroad Commission. ENB talks with Sara Stogner, the best candidate for the job!What does hydrogen, nuclear, OPEC, Bulgaria and Texas have in common? ENB sits down with Irina Slav, energy thought leader to discuss key issues.ENB #40 Is there a way to double U.S. oil production and improve the ESG aspect to Fracking? Exclusive interview with a CEO to get critical data.ENB #39 What is the best way to get to Carbon Net-Zero and provide low cost power to all communities? We talk to C3 Solutions CEO Drew Bond  about answers.ENB #38 - Diversity and Social Issues in the energy space with Paula Glover, President, Alliance to Save EnergyENB #37 Dane Gregoris, Managing Director at Enverus. We talk energy commodifies for 2022ENB #36 February Podcast with Team Energy Canada -  With The Heidi and Terry DuoENB #35 - Sarge Summers On Why He is Running for TRRCENB #34 - January Canada Crew Meet Again