293: Program Sales Made Easy: The Key Assets for Closing Lucrative Licensing Deals

SweetLife Entrepreneur™ Podcast

Jun 19 2023 • 25 mins

In this episode, we're delving into the essential components you need to successfully sell your programs and license your trainings and courses to other organizations. Whether you're targeting nonprofits, government agencies, educational institutions, small businesses, tech companies, hospitals, or other coaches, we've got you covered.
Today, we're breaking it down to the nitty-gritty. We'll be discussing the three crucial assets you must have in order to close those lucrative licensing deals. And guess what? It's not as complicated as it may seem. Selling and licensing can be straightforward and accessible, and we're here to simplify the process for you.
Joining us once again is Emily Hall, our licensing sales specialist. Together, we'll unpack each asset in detail, providing you with a clear understanding of what you need to have prepared to secure those million-dollar licensing agreements. It's going to be a straightforward and practical episode, so make sure you grab a pen and paper to take notes.
If you're ready to take your business to the next level and enter the world of licensing, we're here to support you every step of the way. At www.sweetlifeco.com, you'll find information on how you can work with us to develop these essential assets. Whether you want a dream team to guide you through the process, assistance from Emily in building out your sales presentations, or opportunities to collaborate with other businesses within our ecosystem, we've got you covered.
At the end of this episode, you will:
  1. The Three Essential Assets: Discover the key assets needed to successfully sell programs and license trainings to organizations, including the power of the one-pager, the genius sales presentation, and the persuasive proposal.
  2. Simplifying the Sales Process: Demystify the sales process and understand that selling and licensing can be straightforward and accessible. Gain insights on how to effectively engage with potential clients, build trust, and present your program as the perfect solution to their challenges.
  3. The Importance of Active Listening and Customization: Learn the value of active listening and tailoring your approach to address the specific needs and concerns of potential clients. Understand how to create meaningful connections, establish credibility, and guide clients towards a confident decision.

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