The Mister Kay Show

You Matter Productions

The Mister Kay Show is an interactive podcast for kids! Come learn and play with Mister Kay as he helps kids learn valuable lessons through engaging stories and memorable songs! You will go on some amazing adventures with the Super Friends and the Royal Family.

Episode 20: This Is My MomentEpisode 19: Hola, Bonjour, NamasteEpisode 18: I'm Healthy & StrongEpisode 17: My Big FeelingsEpisode 16: We Are FamilyEpisode 15: I Won’t Give UpEpisode 14: One Planet, One HomeEpisode 13: Community WorkersEpisode 12: Kind KidEpisode 11: My Gift to YouEpisode 10: I Can Do AnythingEpisode 9: The Golden RuleEpisode 8: Be the ChangeEpisode 7: There's Always Next TimeEpisode 6: Teamwork (Work Together)Episode 5: Fair to ShareEpisode 4: We Are OneEpisode 3: I Will Be Your FriendEpisode 2: Give ThanksEpisode 1: You Matter