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Acoustic Alternatives with Jeff and Ben Daniels and John Bommarito
Sep 27 2023
Acoustic Alternatives with Jeff and Ben Daniels and John Bommarito
Jeff Daniels has done many things on screens and stages in his career. One of the things he has done that hasn't gotten as much attention as his roles in The Newsroom, To Kill a Mockingbird or Dumb and Dumber is playing music on stages and studios. He's been putting out albums since 2004 and, on many occasions when I was a DJ at WHFR in Dearborn, I've played his music on my radio program. Take your negative preconceptions about an actor picking up and guitar and singing and put them away. He's good. Damn good. His son Ben has also been releasing albums with his Ben Daniels Band since 2008. He's also a talented recording engineer. In the home studio on Jeff's property, the two of them collaborated on Audible Original audio program called "Alive and Well Enough." If you choose to listen, and I recommend you do, you will be treated to stories and songs from Jeff's life. We sat down on September 25, 2023 in the same studio the audio book was recorded and discuss that and more. You'll also hear:When My Fingers Find Your Strings (written by Jeff Daniels)A new as of yet untitled song by Ben DanielsThe Good On The Bad Side Of Town (by Jeff and Ben Daniels)Mile 416 (written by Jeff Daniels)More information about Jeff's music:'s music: playlists and podcasts: the Alive and Well Enough here: