SEPTEMBER Soul Guidance Message

Badass Babe Oracle

Aug 31 2021 • 27 mins

HELLO SEPTEMBER! Welcome to our Soul-Guidance Monthly Message!

This month's message is all about doing an energetic assessment on your environment, noticing if your energy is intertwined with others, rediscovering your OWN energy, and setting strong, firm and loving energetic boundaries.

It is so easy for us to complain and to partake in shit talking about ourselves when others are doing the same. When this happens, we unknowingly take on others' energy of resentment, anger, jealousy, fear, etc. That energy then seeps into our own energetic field and we can become clouded by others' energy and lose touch with how we truly want to feel and the energy we want to operate at.

In turn, we don’t show up as our true authentic selves because the energy of our soul is clouded with energy that is not empowering us or enhancing our lives.

This episode is a straight up energetic check-in and reassessment. Learn how to set your energetic boundaries and come back into alignment with who the F you truly are - on your own terms. Kick off the fresh, new month with this new, empowered and badass energy!

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