Don't Diet During the Holidays

Behavior Chef Podcast

Nov 10 2021 • 29 mins

I know the title is off putting. Stay with me.  A majority of people that attempt to diet fail at long term success. This is backed by study after study. There is also a reported increase in psychological issues and mental health decline around the holiday season. Many people that are dieting will attempt to continue through the holiday season only to fail and see themselves as some sort of failure. The thing is, it isn't your fault. You are not the failure. It is the system in which you are attempting to work, it simply does not work for you. This is where the idea of not dieting during the holidays comes from.  During this episode I give you several nutritional, psychological and behavioral tips to navigate the holidays, enjoy your time with friends and family and still work on your goals. I really hope that this is helpful to you. Remember, you deserve your health. See You Next Week, Clint Contact us: Study: