Albums and All That, Starting with the letter P as in Papa


Jul 5 2022 • 1 hr 6 mins

Prince and the Revolution [00:51] "Kiss" Parade Paisley Park 9 25395-1 1986 Everyday someone is born who has never heard Prince's "Kiss" (or seen the video ( If that person is you, enjoy! Nadja [04:27] "Dark Circles" Paradox Incubate 15.09.14 Consouling Sounds SOULXXXXIV 2014 Live ambient doom by my favorite duo recorded ( live at Incubate Festival in Amsterdam circa 2014. Blondie [14:34] "Hanging on the Telephone" Parallel Lines Chrysalis CHR 1192 1978 Check out the original Nerves version if you ever have the chance. Witch [16:56] "1000 MPH" Paralyzed Tee Pee Records TPE-085-1 2008 Taking off in a silver machine on this track from the band's follow up album. Black Sabbath [20:18] "Children of the Grave" We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll Warner Bros. Records 2BS 2923 1976 What the...?! This isn't Paranoid. This isn't even Masters of Reality! Why no, someone slipped the second disc of We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll into their Paranoid jacked. Ah well. Always check the contents of those dollar bin records, kids. KC and the Sunshine Band [25:31] "I'm You Boogie Man" Part 3 T.K. Records 605 1976 Can't deny the classics. Number one on the Hot 100 way back in 1977. The B-52's [31:15] "Private Idaho" Party Mix! Warner Bros. Records MINI 3596 1981 The band's debut single remixed for your own private party. You can tell it's a party remix because of the stereo-panned-n-flanged roto-toms. Joe King Carrasco & the Crowns [35:19] "Party Weekend" Party Weekend MCA Records MCA-5404 1983 For all you early MTV fans out there, yes this is what became "Party Christmas". Party party! Grass Widow [38:22] "11 of Diamonds" Past Time Kill Rock Stars KRS533 2010 Some Bay Area goodness from Hannah Lew, Raven Mahon, and Lillian Maring. Bob Dylan [41:16] "Billy 4" Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Columbia KC 32460 1973 I have a particular soft spot for this Dylan album. The film and soundtrack came into my life at a time when I was becoming increasingly interested in film and aspect ratios like Cinemascope. And also at a time when I was making art that was making art exploring the myth of the American West and native American folklore, especially Old Man Coyote the trickster. In this film and soundtrack we get both the myth of the American West (Billy the Kid) and the trickster (Dylan is nothing if not a trickster). The film itself is a bit of a Peckinpah shaggy dog, but worth the early 70s antihero hubris. I prefer Newman's confused teen Left Handed Gun ( (another aspect of the myth Billy the kid itself: the infamous daguerrotype in question has reality preserved in reverse) to Kristofferson's avenger ( But with Peckinpah's film you get bonus James Coburn, Slim Pickens, Harry Dean Stanton, and even Rita Coolidge. Bobbie Gentry [47:55] "Billy the Kid" Patchwork Capitol Records ST-494 1971 Speaking of coincidences. From Bobbie's final studio album. Definitely environmental circumstances. The Modern Jazz Quartet [49:57] "A Social Call" Patterns United Artists Records UAL 4072 1960 And now for something completely different from Billy the Kid. Music derived from film cues. Falls of Rauros [54:25] "New Inertia" Patterns in Mythology Gilead Media relic119 2019 Some melodic black metal from this Tolkien-esque band from Portland ME. Music behind the DJ: "Spinning Wheel" by Terry Baxter and his Orchestra