How to Find a Good Doctor & Leverage Your Health Insurance

Rosie Radio

Jun 12 2022 • 37 mins

I heard “your labs are normal” after sharing my flabby, foggy and fatigued symptoms with my doctor more times that I can count.

It was MADDENING and I went through a bunch of doctors early in my journey, looking for someone who would run the right labs and help me uncover why my body was struggling so much.

I felt gaslit; no one took my desire to figure out what was wrong with my body seriously.

I was even dropped from someone’s practice when I begged for more help.

I wanted so badly to know what I could do to get my energy, vitality and life back!

Over time, I started meeting a lot of women who were going  through the same struggle

And I was blessed to meet my friend Gretchen Bronson, who taught me how to find a good doctor and to better-leverage my health insurance to cover things like labs, out-of-network doctors and even some treatments that were outside the standard of care.

I’m so excited to interview her for this episode of Rosie Radio!

We talk about how to find a good doctor. And as Healing Rosie University's in-house expert on health insurance, she also shares some jedi secrets on how to get more of your care covered by your health insurance!