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Dive deep into the world of South African specialty coffee. Get to know the businesses at the centre of the specialty coffee scene in SA, as well as the people behind them.

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Episode 13 - Winston Thomas & Leigh Wentzel from Cedar Coffee RoastersEpisode 12 - About The Cup Of Excellence Coffee CompetitionEpisode 11 - Rosetta Roastery 10th Anniversary Reserve: Hacienda La Esmeralda Geisha NaturalEpisode 10 - CCB Coffee Awards 2020Episode 9 - Winston Thomas - 3 Time South African Barista ChampionEpisode 8 - Jake Easton from TribeEpisode 7 - Wayne Oberholzer from The Portland ProjectEpisode 6 - Regardt van Tonder from Legado Coffee RoastersEpisode 5 - Jono Le Feuvre & Rob Cowles from Rosetta RoasteryEpisode 4 - Warren Machanik from QuaffeeEpisode 3 - Jonathan Robinson from Bean ThereEpisode 2 - David Donde from Truth CoffeeEpisode 1 - Joel Singer from Origin Coffee RoastingCape Coffee Beans Podcast Intro