The Story Behind “The Invisible Vegan” With Jasmine Leyva

TIG Talks

May 19 2021 • 52 mins

There’s a deeper meaning to the relationship we have as a society with the food we choose personally. The show’s guest today is Jasmine Leyva, the director of the film The Invisible Vegan. In this enlightening episode, Jasmine shares with Elliot Begoun how one of the reasons why people think it's okay to treat black people this way is because we normalize treating animals a certain way. As long as it's okay to be cruel to one being, that can be used as justification as to why it's okay to be cruel to another being. Do you want to learn more about how our food choices have far-reaching effects on our society? Then tune in and absorb this mind-nourishing content to your heart’s desire.

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