Ep 165 - Long Term Success in Real Estate through Execution and Building Teams with Daniel French

3 Degrees of Freedom

Oct 10 2023 • 45 mins

In this engaging podcast, Derek talks with Dan French, a seasoned real estate expert and CEO of a successful property management firm. They dive into Dan's real estate journey, focusing on his resilience and path to success.

Dan started in real estate in 2005 with small four-unit investments. Despite facing challenges, he recognized real estate's potential for long-term wealth. Alongside this, he maintained a career in public service, showing his commitment to responsible financial growth.

They explore the concept of freedom, including location, time, and financial independence. Dan emphasizes the "freedom to" pursue a mission and give back.

The conversation shifts to Dan's background in property management, a challenging field. Dan reflects on his evolution to CEO, stressing team building and strategic execution.

Dan's core work habits come into view, emphasizing grit, discipline, resourcefulness, and setting ambitious goals while achieving short-term milestones.

He values effective written communication and calendar management to optimize productivity.

Dan shares insights into his real estate ventures, including ResProp Management for property management services, ATX Acquisitions for investments, and Rex, a technology-driven real estate approach.

In summary, this podcast explores Dan French's real estate journey, highlighting his views on freedom and his work habits for success. His dedication to discipline, resilience, and long-term vision inspires entrepreneurs and real estate enthusiasts. His insights into real estate and technology provide a comprehensive perspective on the industry.

Connect with Dan thru the social links below and learn more about his business:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-french-691aa767/
Website: https://www.atxacquisitions.com/

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