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How German Model Svea Fina Built a Successful Marketing Agency in NYC and Became a Keynote Speaker
Jul 27 2023
How German Model Svea Fina Built a Successful Marketing Agency in NYC and Became a Keynote Speaker
Svea Fina is an entrepreneur and the founder of Fina Digital, a leading digital marketing agency based in NYC. Originally from Germany, Svea made the bold decision to relocate to the United States several years ago. Before establishing Fina Digital, she had a successful career as a model. However, her passion for the dynamic world of digital marketing led her to venture into entrepreneurship. Fina Digital specializes in developing innovative strategies, creating engaging content, and implementing effective communication techniques that have the power to transform global brands. Svea's impressive portfolio includes collaborations with companies such as Cartier, Avon, Google, Mac, Lufthansa, and others. In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Svea is a keynote speaker at digital marketing events. She uses these platforms to advocate for sustainability and explore the positive impact that artificial intelligence can have on driving sustainability and efficiency. I am honored to have Svea join us today, and we look forward to diving deep into her experiences, insights, and the inspiring journey that led her to where she is today. Welcome, Svea Fina! Guest: Host: Website: Subscribe, follow, like, comment! :) --- Support this podcast: