How A Career Reboot Can Make You Feel More Alive with Voiceover Artist, Amy Bermudez | UYGW059

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Feb 21 2023 • 31 mins

In December 2019, Amy Bermudez was feeling unsatisfied with her job. She worked in an industry she didn’t love, for people who stressed her out, doing work that was… fine. She wanted more, but she wasn’t sure what that “more” was. In a chance encounter with a relative, Amy learned about voiceover.

She signed up for a course, enjoyed what she learned and began to wonder: is voiceover right for me? Then, in March 2020, the world shut down for the COVID-19 pandemic, and in response, Amy’s company shut its doors completely.

Newly unemployed in a world that had changed overnight, Amy’s mind wandered to voiceover.

Could this be her chance to try something new? Amy decided to give it a real shot. Over the course of the past few years, Amy has launched her fledgling voiceover business from scratch, and it has changed her life. As Amy said, “allowing myself to do the thing I wanted to do has been amazing. I feel more alive.”

Join us as we discuss:

·   How the chaos of the pandemic created an opportunity for reinvention

·   How believing in herself has resolved a lifelong worry that she wasn’t “good enough” to do what she loved

·   How voiceover artistry has given Amy the creative outlet she has yearned for

·   How interesting and rewarding she finds her new work, and how excited she is for the future.

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About The Guest:

Amy is a professionally trained voice actor who brings a wealth of talent, expansive range and a soothing, trustworthy, graceful voice. Originally from Ohio, she has lived in Philadelphia and New York. Her background includes marketing, development, and project management for world-class brands within the textile design community.

After a career reboot, she began to focus on voice acting. Amy offers an elevated experience in professional voice over production. Anything but cookie-cutter, Amy’s creative, insightful work style is infused with personal charm. Her versatile sound has been described as smooth, trustworthy, soothing and youthful; her range is well-informed by life’s adventures.

Working from her professional home studio in suburban NYC, she is meticulously detailed and efficient, giving your project the personalized attention required for success. Amy meets you where you are, effectively collaborating with you to create a final product that sounds exactly the way you envision. The artistic expression at the heart of creating professional voiceover brings Amy Bermudez such joy.

A professionally-trained voice actor who brings a wealth of talent, expansive range, and a soothing, trustworthy voice, Amy is also a campy, zany performer who loves to sing karaoke until the wee hours, lulls her children to sleep with sentimental lullabies, and can often be found regaling tales with a whole cast of character voices. Amy loves that her voice adds dimension and fills a need by creating an authentic connection.

She enjoys taking a script or a story and bringing it to life in a way that teaches, inspires, entertains, influences, or informs. Drawing upon her training – as well as a great deal of professional...