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Light of Christ Radio is a radio and audio podcast ministry to reach people world wide with the Good News of Jesus Christ through Biblical storytelling.

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Mark - Why Some Never Come to Faith
Mark - Why Some Never Come to FaithMark Forgiveness Over HealingMark - Preaching and HealingMark - Jesus Uses Ordinary PeopleMark 1 Make Room for JesusForeshadowing the Cross - ResurrectionCrossroad Conversation - JohnCrossroad Conversation - PeterCrossroad Conversation - MalchusCrossroad Conversation - PilateCrossroad Conversation - JudasCrossroad Conversation - DavidForeshadowing of the Cross - TabernaclesForeshadowing of the Cross - Day of AtonementForeshadowing of the Cross - PentecostForeshadowing of the Cross - First FruitsForeshadowing of the Cross - Unleavened BreadForeshadowing of the Cross - PassoverRebuilding Unfinished Hope - Continued ReformsRebuilding Unfinished Hope - Spiritual Renewal