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Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell

Jan 30 2024 • 1 hr 9 mins

Over the last few years, we have certainly had our challenging times.  It can be hard to focus on the good things in life or the gifts brought to us as we endeavor to get past the challenges, roadblocks, or misfortunes we have encountered.

In Lok Hup, a form of moving meditation that is a part of my Tai Chi practice, we have a movement called “Stop the Cart and Ask for Directions.” That is, do we wish to live a thriving life or are we choosing death and decay.  I appreciate knowing there is a choice at the start of the set, because moving forward with the patterns provides a step forward to living and thriving.

How we approach situations and the heart we bring to them are very important.  Today we are looking at the power of gratitude and forgiveness to release stress and tension in our lives.  How can we look at our challenges and celebrate our ability to find the way through?  How can we forgive ourselves and others when choices might not have been the best for everyone?

As we bring Charlene Waines into the conversation and her latest activities and support for the Moyo family in Milawi.  We will be exploring perspective and heart-centered living.  We all need a reality check to return to thriving and healing in our living, join us to find the tips and tools that will take you there.

To learn more about the resources we talked about, check out:

Stephen Moyo Mission4Change Go Fund Me:

Mission4Change CommuniTEA tea:

Charlene Waines on Facebook

A special shout out to David Hickey of Crystal Journey for his fantastic concert and connection that contributed to this podcast.  You can learn more here:

The book mentioned in the podcast is Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit and Joy in the Female Body by Tami Lynn Kent

Learn more about the movement and healing programs offered by Dr. Michelle Greenwell at

Dr. Michelle Greenwell, BA Psych, MSc CAM, Ph. D CIH (Complementary and Integrative Health). Striving to support the public to choose self-care and well-being options that create ease and flow in their lives, Michelle specializes in using movement to heal the body. Her BioEnergetic Formula for Success provides a means for everyone to set their intentions and create support and action for flow and ease to the goals. Learn more at Follow her YouTube channel and specialty playlists. Find her full resource list here. She highlights her Tea Company: The Cape Breton Tea Company which you can find at Included is the specialty line of Tea with Intention, and the focus on high quality organic black tea. Including tea with your podcast listening is a unique way to explore tea, create healthy habits, and have great conversations with friends and colleagues.

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