Episode 103 - The Infamous Dramalupe River

Honey Hole Hangout - Fly Fishing || Hunting || Conservation

Jul 26 2022 • 1 hr 48 mins

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Honey Hole Angling is the collaboration of four fly fishermen who somehow afforded podcast equipment and figured out how to release content on the internet. These are their stories, opinions, and perceptions of outdoor pursuits in the modern sporting world.

On our podcast, Honey Hole Hangout, we talk about hunting, fly fishing, and misadventures in the outdoors. Listen as we answer submitted questions, review whiskey, interview guests, and cover some of our favorite stories: On Patrol, Florida Man, Creature Watch, Conservation Corner, Neat Things in Nature, and More.

This week was an epic week for us! We’ve been hoping for a long time for this interview to happen, and it’s finally here! Join us this week as we get the privilege of sitting down with the mystery man behind the infamous Instagram account Dramalupe. Zach, Landon, and Gabe sit down with Mr. Dramalupe and talk about his account, fly fishing faux pas, classic memes, and much more!

— Summer of Mixing: Dew & Brew

— Flys that Work

— A Message from Jim Aylsworth

— Don’t Mess with Bigfoot

— How Dramalupe was Born

— The Content of Dramalupe

— Guadalupe River Etiquette

— Who Is Mr. Dramalupe?!

— Overnight Float Trips

— Keeping Fish

Follow Dramalupe on the Instagram machine: @dramalupe_river

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