EP120: Share Appreciation & Inspire Connection

True Stride

Jan 12 2023 • 17 mins

We as people always seek opportunities to feel connected and find commonality. It doesn’t matter if you’re super outgoing, really shy, or somewhere in between, everyone likes to feel welcomed. This episode talks about how we can inspire human connection in our life.

I recently got back from a magical trip to New York City! Thinking back on over twenty years of living all over the area, it was fun to visit again and buzz around the neighborhoods that hold so many memories for me. I got to see what changed and what stayed the same. When I noticed what’s different, I started thinking of how I also changed. What in my life shows my current changes and my past memories like how easily we can see the city’s changes and history?

I’m here to spend quality solo time with you for EP120’s Wise Walk as we discover our True Stride. We’re all looking for connection, meaning, purpose and opportunities to share our passions. At best, those heartfelt connections energize you and make you feel curious. Bonding with people you have a sincere connection with creates that sort of positive feedback loop between the two of you.

On our Wise Walk, I talk about the idea of sharing in order to connect with people. People find it easier to spot commonalities when you demonstrate and present what you’re interested in. Come with me as we reflect on these Wise Walk questions:

  • What are the things you are sharing in your life or being vulnerable about that lead to unexpected connections?
  • Where in life can you plant opportunities to put yourself out there in new ways so you can share and exchange in a meaningful way?
  • As you reflect on how you show up in your interactions, do you have a way to physically indicate a connection, like brand merch or school merch?
  • Are you minimizing a part of yourself (intentionally or unintentionally)?
  • What are ways you can stimulate conversation through belongings that associate you with a community?
  • Do you want to start investing in belongings that spark conversation and connection?

Sharing ourselves more and looking for opportunities to expand and invite people into our lives help us gain new perspectives and make new friends.

Explore the passions and curiosities in your life that signify what lights you up. Also, notice what the people around you are sharing as they show up in your life. Be present and share appreciation with these Wise Walk questions:

  • Can you notice what people wear that may have significance in their life?
  • Can you start a conversation or offer a compliment related to that thing?
  • How does the interaction feel as the person brings up a memory they’re willing to share?
  • How do you feel when you get to bring up a memory you’re willing to share?
  • What can you notice to engage strangers in a friendly interaction?

Join this inspiring community to uncover a new sense of freedom, and be sure to follow and review the True Stride podcast as we continue to exchange our light and Heart Value with each other.

In this episode:

[00:23] - Welcome to the show!

[02:43] - Mary Tess recalls a funny story of finally buying NYU merch and the ripple effect of wearing her merch.

[05:08] - What do you have that sparks connection?

[07:41] - Mary Tess explores the different ways we present ourselves and our value by what we involve in our life.

[09:57] - Do you ever wear something that signifies a memory for you?

[12:07] - This one compliment started a full conversation while Mary Tess was on her trip in NYC.

[15:04] - Thank you for listening!

Memorable Quotes:

  • “On some level, we all want to be seen, heard, and understood for who we are and what lights us up.” - Mary Tess

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