Marriage By The Book

Rick and Rebekah Porterfield

Maybe all your marriage needs is a little adjustment. Maybe it needs a complete overhaul. Whatever condition your relationship is in, the Marriage by the Book Podcast brings the answers you need. We draw on over 25 years of marriage ministry experience, as well as our personal experience in restoring and maintaining our own relationship, to bring you practical, Biblical guidance that makes a real difference. If you are looking for a “God answer” to what you are facing, this book is for you. Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn:• How to resolve conflict non-destructively• Biblical keys to effective communication• How to remove the “walls” in your relationship.• How to restore lost love.• How to grow in intimacy.• And so much more!Rick and Rebekah Porterfield have been in marriage ministry since 1994. They have helped hundreds of couples restore and strengthen their relationships. They are the founders of Marriage By The Book, a ministry based in South Carolina. read less
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