Unlock Your Mindset and Reveal Your Genius

Women Taking the Lead

Mar 1 2023 • 41 mins

Ask any expert on success, regardless of their specialization, and they will tell you that mindset is what determines what an individual will be capable of achieving.


But... how do you measure mindset? And once you've measured it, how do you build a stronger, more positive, more resilient mindset?

In this episode I’m chatting with Stacy Hartmann, a renowned success coach. She is also a sought-after international motivational speaker who has spent the past 10 years helping creatives, coaches, and expert entrepreneurs transform their lives, and make an impact by unleashing their creative and intuitive genius.

While working with her, Stacy’s global tribe of clients have started their own six figure companies, become authors, innovated new methodologies and shifted paradigms in old stagnant industries.

In This Episode Stacy and I Discussed

  • What the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) is and what it measures
  • How it is different from other tools
  • How a woman in leadership can use the information provided by the ELI to find her definition of success


Episode Show Notes: Transcript and links mentioned in this episode.

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