Chef Daniel Abou-Chedid & Jennifer El-Azzi - At Baker St Cafe, Fork & Knife Catering & Chef Daniel's Playground

Business Couples Secret Sauce

Oct 11 2020 • 50 mins

Chef Daniel and his lovely wife Jennifer are one of the busiest business couples we know! With so many projects on the go, they have buckets of useful tips to share. This really is a couple not to be missed - hear them explain how they found their incredible rhythm and built their successful businesses.

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Some highlights from this episode:

"Our success doesn't just happen with good food. It doesn't just happen with good marketing strategies. It's all about a good team. We've been married for nine years, and we still like each other." Chef Daniel

"I think we slowly transitioned into whatever suited us better. There was no actual I'll do this, and you do that." Jennifer

"Sometimes we need to check ourselves. Say, 'ok, we need to switch off' - and that's not for one of us, it's both of us." Chef Daniel

"When it comes to helping each other switch off, I think time will teach you - but more importantly, communication will teach you." Chef Daniel

"Working together has brought us closer. If Jennifer's not around me, it feels weird." Chef Daniel

"I find it interesting when people ask, 'how are you guys still married and still in business?' I respond with, it's a respect thing. It's respecting marriage, but it's also respecting business. In business, she's my business partner. What she says about something happening in the business is her checking me. There's a reason why she's bringing it up. It's not her picking on me like a wife would - no, she has a valid point, and that point needs to be processed." Chef Daniel

"In the restaurant, if he says something, I say, 'Yes, Chef'. The respect goes both ways." Jennifer

"There's some people who work together and the man wants to be the 'head', whereas Danny's like, 'ok - which way are we going? How can we do this together?' It may seem like he's trying to take the lead, but we're both here together working towards the same cause." Jennifer

"People say, now you've worked for yourself you won't be able to work for someone again. Well no, I can easily and happily work for someone else - the one thing I can't do is work for someone else without Jennifer next to me, and vice versa." Chef Daniel