Maurie & Cathy Dobbin - Fastrak Fitness

Business Couples Secret Sauce

Nov 27 2020 • 45 mins


What do you do when you’ve got a great business running under management? If your Maurie & Cathay Dobbin you start another business of course. One that introduces EMS fitness technology to Australians looking to regain their health & happiness. And the best bit: You get twice as fit in half the time. Even Rodger Federer uses it! But that’s not all you’ll find out. Hit the play button and get ready for some great advice on how to be a super successful business couple.

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Some Secret Sauce highlights from this episode:

Your health is one of the most important things you need to worry about. I plan to live to 100 and so should you!

You need to listen to the other person if they have issues. With the business, you need to take note and not just ignore them. I think that it's really important if one person has got issues, the other partner really needs to listen. Because it's a joint business. You're a team. You can't just make decisions on your own.

If I can emphasise one thing in a business relationship, and it applies to a personal relationship too, it's communication. Being transparent, being open, being honest, not hiding anything.  Being upfront. Unless you've got a very strong relationship, going into business together, is inevitably going to cause problems. It is a very testing time for any couple to get involved in business together. You need to consider that very carefully.

Bio & History

Maurie and Cathy Dobbin founded Fastrak Fitness in August 2020. We both have a life-long commitment to good health and when we learned about the benefits of EMS we decided to bring it to the Central Coast.

Maurie is an entrepreneur who has founded a number of companies with a focus on leading-edge technologies. His biography has been published in Volume 2 of Unsung Business Heroes He has also played field hockey for over fifty years and still plays today in the Newcastle Masters competition. During his hockey career, he has played in teams that have won Gold Medals in the European and World Masters Hockey Championships.

Cathy was a registered nurse for over forty years of specialising in ICU and midwifery. She founded and managed a nursing agency that employed over 200 nurses serving public and private hospitals throughout Sydney. She has many other interests including healthy cooking.

There are over five thousand EMS studios around the world but only a handful in Australia. After researching the technology and visiting studios overseas we decided to partner with XBody a world-leading EMS brand. The XBody suits are wireless unlike some other EMS technologies allowing our clients freedom of movement when undertaking exercises.

Our studio is located in the Life. Style building in Erina within what was once a squash court. We have refurbished it with the vibrant colours associated with the XBody brand and equipped it with the latest EMS technology. Within the studio, we can train up to three clients simultaneously or work individually with a client that has special needs.