Hayley Thorncraft & Jo Fairall - Burnt Honey Bakery

Business Couples Secret Sauce

Nov 8 2020 • 38 mins

Hayley and Jo have had one of the most intense first years in business we can think of! Opening just 11 months ago, they've seen their brand new bakery through busy school holidays, Christmas period, the bushfires and Covid... and they've come out thriving! Tune in and hear how they've overcome every challenge that's been thrown their way.

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Some highlights from this episode:

“Community is vital. When we closed during Covid, we wouldn’t have survived if we hadn’t connected with our community. It’s just as important as keeping costs low.” Hayley

“Our roles were clear from the get-go. They’re very different, but they’re evenly split and very clear. It was a natural thing.” Jo

“The best thing about being a business couple is always having someone to talk to about the business, and them be completely understanding. We can always debrief. If something makes me anxious or upset, she can calm me because she knows the business.” Jo

“For us, it was vital that we stuck to our guns about what was important and what wasn’t as to how we were going to operate and how we were going to affect the planet and the people around us. It was important to make sure we were on the same page with that.” Hayley

“There’s no real grey areas about what we do and don’t want to do.” Hayley

“It was important that we believed in the same things. We had already put that to the test, living with each other for 5 years.” Jo

“Having different roles also helps us, we don’t overlap. We’re each very good at what we do, and can manage our own areas.” Jo

“We’re very supportive of each other, we make sure we have those open discussions. Jo

A bit more about Hayley and Jo:

Joanna hails from the Northern Beaches of Sydney and learned to make coffee shortly after she learned to walk. She a deft hand with a group handle and has the quick wit to match. Her favourite customers are those who bring their own cup, even is it’s a novelty size M&M promotional mug as one cheeky customer brought on our opening day.

Hayley is a true Central Custodian, returned to the area after learning to make killer bread and pastries in Sydney and London (BlackStar Pastry, Dominique Ansel Bakery and Honey & Co.). It may seem at times that she’s too hard on herself about what she produces but her super-power is her drive for perfection within the realm of practicality. She has an extreme distaste for faff.

Hayley and Jo met while working at Black Star Pastry in 2014 and married in 2016, shortly before travelling Europe and the UK to soak up as much bakery inspiration as their minds, Instagram account and tummies could handle. Much of what they took in has found its way to the little bakery at Copa, which opened on November 16th, 2019 to a heartwarmingly enthusiastic welcome from the local community.