Thomas & Melanie Unwin - Mogrify

Business Couples Secret Sauce

Nov 1 2020 • 57 mins

Thomas and Melanie Unwin are living the Business Couples dream running their Gosford-based marketing business, Mogrify! They've put considerable effort into building a productive, positive work environment for themselves and their team members, with work-life balance at the core. We hope you enjoy!

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Some highlights from this episode:

“Since the early days, we’ve always set out to eventually have a 4-day work week. A work-life balance in our lives and everyone who works for us. We made this conscious decision when we hired our first person.” Melanie

“We did a lot of work around the creation of the different seats in our business for the team, for instance, do we have the right people in the right seats, and if not we need to clarify and move people around. We spent probably six months of really working on the business rather than in the business.” Melanie

“If there are things that Tom isn’t doing or can’t do, doesn’t want to do, they’re probably things that I like and vice versa.” Melanie

“There’ll be times when one of us has a strong opinion, so it feels like that person is in charge of that decision because they have a stronger passion for it, but in reality we’re both in charge and we need to make decisions together.” Thomas

“If Tom isn’t doing something, either because he doesn’t want to or he thinks he’s not good at it, I’ll do it and vice versa. We’ve always been able to pick up each other’s weaknesses and leave each other to our strengths. That’s because we’re a couple. There’s no other reason why. That’s why we can’t hire someone else into a role that takes on both our responsibilities - we’ve tried, and it doesn’t work.” Melanie

“I love working with Tom. We debate, we argue, we get through our issues like every other business owners, but we always get through it. We’ve always wanted to work together. That’s the big benefit for me, to get to hang out with Tom.” Melanie

“You feel different about your business when it’s growing compared to when you’re maintaining it. With this welling up of positive feelings about the business, there’s also this flip side - if something goes wrong, you feel that more too.” Thomas

“If our ultimate happiness was impacted really negatively by this business, that would be enough for us to pull the plug. So long as we’re feeling happy - not wealth - feeling connected to our team and our clients, that we’re not sacrificing, we're in a good place.” Melanie

“It’s like that quote - happy people are not those who have the most, but those who need the least.” Thomas