Marcus & Ariel The first 3 months

Business Couples Secret Sauce

Dec 20 2020 • 34 mins

For this episode we thought it would be fun to share a little bit of our story in getting "Business Couples Secret Sauce" up and running and where we are looking to take it moving forwards.

Keeping in mind we've been a business couple for a long time now but starting a podcast is a new direction for us. We haven't started one before. So we thought it'd be cool to share our story on how that's going.

We'll be checking in every quarter to share the learnings that we've had along the way.


Our Why - why did we start Business Couples Secret Sauce?

We love learning.  We're lifelong learners. We love going to business seminars and reading books and listening to podcasts on relationships and business. What we discovered though was that there was a lot of content for businesses individually and relationships individually but not much on people being in business with their other half and what the unique advantages and challenges are of being a business couple.

We wanted to meet a lot more business couples and get the low down on how to be a successful business couple. So we thought the best way would be to go and interview them and share their story and wisdom through a weekly podcast. We wanted to learn about the challenges they are having, and what tips and tricks that they might have, that we can take into our relationship and into our business.

We thought how cool would it have been if we had this ourselves 25 years ago. To listen to business couples sharing how they're doing it.

It's our gift to business couples.  It's our way of putting in and giving back.